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Project ATFS Lab - decentralization in the agrarian industry

It's no secret that the world's population regularly grows, despite the fact that some peoples are dying out, the number of people on the planet is gradually increasing, and the process of urbanization is constantly developing, and as a consequence, many small villages are dying out, the labor force in rural settlements the area is getting smaller and smaller, which means that in a few dozen years it will not be enough to provide the entire world population with a sufficient quantity of organic products, in particular meat. According to the world organization, in some 30 years about 70% of the world's population will live in cities, which means that people's eating habits will change, while the younger generation needs a natural source of protein.

All this provokes the emergence of the problem of food security, and as a consequence, the development of various diseases, the deterioration in the quality of life of many people. To ensure that the process of urbanization does not completely ruin the agriculture, which is one of the key factors in the supply of meat and milk. All this in the aggregate pushed the authors of the project ATFS Lab to create a unique product of its kind that will lead to a real revolution in the field of agriculture and in the future to help provide the world's population with vital products.

How will the project be implemented ATFS Lab?

The development team solves all future problems in three stages:

  • the creation of a smart farm project in the Asian countries;
  • the creation of a decentralized platform for implementation;
  • production of plant food products.

And now about each of them in order. The project of smart farms will include:

  • use of modern technology for in-depth training, with the help of tools such as Big Data, ICT and many others;
  • realization of a favorable environment for the growth of the plant population;
  • automation of the process of temperature control, light level, airborne carbon dioxide, water;
  • huge opportunities for growth prospects due to the fact that smart farms in Asia are already in the development stage and the outstanding minds of modernity are taking part in this.

The second stage is the creation of a decentralized platform, which includes the following stages of the global agro-industrial system of the future:

  • creating an enabling environment in order to prevent and avoid all possible problems in the food distribution channels;
  • an ideal strategy for the sale of products, which means new opportunities for manufacturers of products;
  • an intuitive platform for work, including a web-based interface and mobile applications based on modern mobile systems Android and iOS;
  • the receipt of many types of money, ranging from the currencies to the currencies of BTC, ETH and other altcoins that comply with the ERC standard

The third and main stage is the creation of vegetable meat, which includes in its arsenal such aspects as:

  • The use of modern biological technology for the production of vegetable protein, i.e. meat of vegetable origin;
  • The combination with blocking technology, i.e. with clever farms;
  • creation of a special research center for the maximum quality of products.

Distribution of tokens

The ICO start is scheduled for 10 January 2018, which will end on 9 February.

In the description for the distribution of tokens, the development team determines the following:

  • 65% will be allocated to participants in crowdedging, tokens will be credited to investors' accounts immediately after the end of the ICO;
  • 15% is the reserve part, which will be frozen for 12 months and stored in order to create a reserve for strategic investors exchanging platform tokens, increasing liquidity on trading exchanges;
  • 10% remains in the hands of the founders of the platform ATFS Lab. This part will be retained for 24 months with release every 6 months;
  • 5% part for future platform employees. Of course, with the growth of the project, the development team will also increase, possibly some will be excluded from participating in the development of the project;
  • 3% is allocated for the Bounty campaign;
  • 2% will be allocated to platform advisors, who also play an important role in the development of the project.

The funds raised during the ICO will be distributed as follows:

Acquisition and modernization of physical assets - 40%

Software development, launch of a decentralized service - 30%

Research, introduction of modern technologies for the development of a natural source of protein - 20%

To administer the platform, market research, a major PR campaign is allocated - 6%

To cover the force majeure circumstances, the developers of the ATFS Lab project allocate 4%



At the time of writing the review, the development team and advisers are 7 people - they are all highly qualified specialists in their fields, from project administration, marketing, programming and the creation of block architecture. The development team includes names such as David Kim, Jau Choi, Austin Chang, Allen Sang, Rachel Chang, Anthony Kim, Han Ryu. Consultants are such personalities as Thomas Budd, Stefan de Hus, James Park, Sjöng Wook Kim, Jin Chal, Chang Hoon Lee, Kul Keum.

The whole team is assembled exclusively from the masters of the business who were employees or indirectly cooperated with such well-known corporations as Samsung, IBM, KPMG, EY, KVCA, KB, KRX, Yello Mobile, Simone, SK Securities, Real Networks, Daewoo, Pigeon, and also had experience of close cooperation with Ethereum,, Bench, UPbit, LinkerCoin, CryptoCompare, Cointelegraph, ICO.Alert, ICO bazaar, TOP ICO LIST, WISER ICO, SMITH + CROWN, Token DESK, ICO Daily, VISSER and some others.

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Outcome of the review

The creators of the ATFS Lab project are looking at the near future and take all necessary measures to prevent problems associated with the urbanization of the population, when there is simply no one to grow vegetable products in rural areas around the world. Their idea is the preservation of the future diet of people, the prevention of many diseases associated with a lack of protein, micro- and macro elements in plant foods, as well as an increase in the quality of life of all people on the planet Earth.

Of course, this project is already of interest to many scientific societies around the world, many investors are ready to invest huge amounts here, but we will find out how the events on promotion and attraction of investments will develop very soon - at the start of the ICO.

Moreover, it is very important how ordinary citizens of different countries will look at this. Will they see in this something useful and useful for the next generation, because it is on the demand for the project that determines its future success and the existence of the project ATFS Lab.

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