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Profit Day, Orange Trade and As-brokerage - Scams! Compensation for partners.

Compensation paid.

The trend for poor hyip performance continues, admins are trying to collect at least some money for the holidays.
The admins' considerations are clear: now there are few deposits, and in December they will be even less. Why then work?
Investors need to be extra careful for the rest of the year.
Submit applications, we will pay compensation.

Profit day: Why did you take advertising? 
We didn't even have time to write a review. The admin essentially took the listing and stopped paying.

Orange Trade: Trying is sometimes not enough.
The admin launched the project with the right attitude: he was positive, he wanted to work.
Apparently the market has made some adjustments. I paid to the last, pulled with a scam.
But, of course, he has absolutely nothing to be proud of.

As-brokerage: We threw down the project.
According to the admin, several large deposits did not allow paying interest throughout December.
How much money the administrator took away, only he knows. We fix the scam.

Projects stopped paying. The current fund amount is $ 500 + VIP fund for everyone.
I'm waiting for reports, we send them through the new bot @Bender_PHbot (very convenient and there is a chance to get 110%)
or a special form for compensation:

3 reviews for "Profit Day, Orange Trade and As-brokerage - Scams! Compensation for partners."

  1. avatar photos gonzalez:

    Thanks. Received compensation for orange trade. It became not so sad

  2. avatar photos Ghini:

    Thank you for the compensation in the Profit Day and AS-Brokerage scams.

    Received Payment 2.6 USD from account U12287794 to account U11572196. Batch: 350720607. Memo: Compensation Profit Day from the portal

    Received Payment 2.2 USD from account U12287794 to account U11572196. Batch: 350724085. Memo: AS-Brokerage compensation from portal

  3. avatar photos tav2000:

    Thank you for compensation
    Under the Orange Trade project, the Deposit Protection Fund was enough to compensate
    50% of the losses of our referrals (fund 500 $, the amount of losses - 957 $).
    Today luck is on your side, we close compensation for you with a bonus,
    according to our autumn campaign "110% of Bender Insurance"

    Transaction 11.8 USD on U23753200 account has been successfully completed.

    Number operations #: 350724705

    Time: 11.28.2020, 23: 46

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