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PUMA PAY: easy payment

It is important not to buy any product, but it is convenient to pay for it. System PumaPay was designed to ensure the functioning of efficient, reliable and flexible payment methods that can be scaled in any size. The project is a complete solution, equipped with source code.

Unlike modern methods of payment, such as a credit card and virtual coins, crypto currency, this protocol would be developed from scratch. It helps to overcome existing obstacles, and also offers a set of tools. They will facilitate business processes for both individuals and legal entities.

What can I do with PumaPay?

  • You can connect various billing solutions. They will significantly simplify the use of crypto-currencies and their application in practice instead of excessive tensions in banking services.
  • Clients are offered comprehensive and flexible solutions for paying bills. With their help, you can periodically make payments, pay for the use of services.
  • The amount of commissions charged by intermediaries is reduced from 3 to 15%. This is an excellent opportunity to save money.
  • The platform allows you to significantly increase the trust between the client and the business. This can be achieved with a competent policy of confidentiality and well-established protection.

The mission is

The project developers are active supporters of the use of block-technologies and decentralized platforms. They perfectly know all the problems that exist between virtual and ordinary realities.

The systems that serve credit cards are becoming obsolete over time. They need a quality replacement. It would be nice to develop a protocol that would help meet the needs of a world economy managed by technology. Mission PumaPay - to modernize the system of processing financial payments, to create a high-quality crypto-currency economy.

Developers have created the protocol Puma Pay Protocol for:

  • Development of a single tool for conducting payments with the help of a detachment.
  • Decentralization of the sphere of billing and reduction of commission fees carried out by intermediaries.
  • Increase the use of crypto currency both online and offline in various markets.
  • Allowing large market players the opportunity to improve the services they provide by creating a decentralized version of the platform.

Advantages PumaPay

The protocol of the system significantly facilitates the use of crypto currency in various ecosystems. This is a kind of innovative solution for the sphere of billing. All the tools are assembled in one thanks to the use of the blockade. With the help of the protocol, you can make daily payments and create an innovative architecture for smart contracts.

The advantages of the system are:

  • Complexity. The robust billing mechanics created by the "all-in-one" system are much more reliable, flexible, efficient than all modern methods of billing.
  • Security. In order to solve the problems of trust between customers and companies, the platform developers decided to optimize the security system and ensure the maximum protection and anonymity of the data provided by users.
  • Availability. Each company or individual can benefit from the use of blocking technology. Only advanced tools and technologies will be used.
  • Flexibility. Customers can use the protocol created and customized to meet specific needs and requirements. PumaPay - this is the limitless possibilities of using the product qualitatively.


PMA Token supports the functioning of the protocol and contributes to the gradual growth of the ecosystem. Developers of the platform will promote the use of the PMA token in the online and offline industry. Particular attention will be paid to e-commerce and all kinds of online services. The protocol will be gradually integrated into the work of various companies, so PMA will become one of the leading payment instruments.

Distribution of funds

  • 30% of the funds will be allocated to users.
  • 10% is aimed at completing the work on creating the platform engine.
  • 19% of funds will be received by strategic partners and early clients.
  • 5% is sent to the project's advisers.
  • 10% as a reward will receive the program that created the platform.
  • 3% of funds are allocated for the bounty program.
  • 20% of tokens will be spent on ICO.
  • 3% are bonuses, promotions, and lucrative offers for potential customers.


  • Joaf Dror, CEO.
  • Giorgos Kourtelos, chief specialist in blockage.
  • Pantelis Foleys, CFO.
  • Milenko Strick, head of product development.
  • Gleb Chernov, responsible for business development.
  • Matt Stone, developer of the cybersecurity system.


Developers provided an opportunity to earn a crypto currency by participating in a bounty company. The amount of compensation depends on the degree of involvement of the client in the project and its activity in social networks.

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