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Implementation of humanitarian projects on the site Inpactor

Inpactor Is the first platform that was created to bring together volunteers implementing various humanitarian projects. At the same time, participants will be able to receive incentives, bonuses to improve their own productivity. The platform is free.

It can be used by everyone. The basis of this project is cooperative social responsibility (CSR). The Inpactor platform was created by specialists after 6 years of cooperation with brands, government agencies, individuals interested in the successful implementation of social projects.

Unfortunately, the modern ecosystem does not provide optimal conditions for conducting successful humanitarian work. Participants in this industry seek to address only specific problems with stakeholders. Thus, the interaction takes place in different systems.

Features of the Inpactor platform

Brands, individuals can take advantage of premium features. Thanks to them, the platform will be used even more efficiently. Participants are given the best place to post news, they can get additional benefits for branding. In addition, more detailed information on the interaction between the parties is provided to the active participants.

The value of a smart contract in the Inpactor ecosystem

Smart contracts comply with the ERC20 standard. Thanks to this, all the necessary functions will be built into the ecosystem. Intellectual contracts contribute to:

  • making decisions by voting;
  • transparent distribution of CSRm tokens;
  • bonus bonus to active participants.

Inpactor revenue streams

Inpactor uses different revenue streams. The profit comes through the following channels:

  • advertising: Inpactor service is not a social media. However, there is also a user interface (quite similar to Facebook). Due to this, successful advertising strategies are successfully applied in practice. Having achieved higher advertising efficiency, the developers of Inpactor plan to increase the price for its placement, as well as reduce volumes;
  • Premium Subscriptions: Subscribing to premium brands is another source of income for Inpactor. Thanks to them, you can unlock paid features that allow you to use the platform more efficiently. Paid functions include: inviting special volunteers, receiving notifications when a grant is published;
  • solving the tasks of the participants: the Inpactor project forms an entirely new ecosystem of humanism, which takes into account all the interests of stakeholders. Users are guaranteed transparency of operations, the ability to receive reports.

CSR tokens

For the development of the platform, CSR tokens were issued. In addition, the developers of the Inpactor resource decided to release an additional cryptocurrency - CSRi and CSRm. Using them, the system participants will be able to make charitable donations, provide assistance to residents of countries affected by floods, typhoons, hurricanes. CSRi token is intended for use within the CSRi platform. They provide transparency in spending using Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). Thanks to the use of this cryptocurrency, it will be possible to solve many problems, namely:

  • issues of financial transparency;
  • problems of reliability of ongoing transactions;
  • maximize the accuracy of the reporting provided.

Tokens CSRm

Their release was carried out to support the work of the Inpactor service. By using crypto currency, resource management is much easier. CSRm tokens also help in attracting new participants. Crypto currency CSRm provides investors with the right to vote on the sale of crypto currency.

Conducting ICO Inpactor

CSRm tokens will be used for the ICO Inpactor. A total of 240 billion CSRm tokens have been issued, meeting the ERC20 standard. During the sale, the following rate will be maintained: 1 ETH = 2,286 CSRm. The Inpactor team plans to sell a maximum of 96 CSRm tokens, and a minimum of 000 CSRm. Upon completion of the ICO, buyers will be able to receive the relying CSRm cryptocurrency. To purchase tokens, buyers can use the BTC cryptocurrency as well as ETH. In addition, all types of cryptocurrencies are accepted, which are supported by the service

Distribution of tokens



The project Inpactor is quite promising and unique in its kind. Therefore, investing in ICO Inpactor is advisable. The platform allows for a consistent solution to the problems of all stakeholders. To familiarize with all features of the project it is possible on the official site of Inpactor. More information is provided in Whitpaper.

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