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The revolution in the hotel industry with the Aqua Intelligence project

Solutions that are used in the modern hotel business are based on inaccurate information. The poor quality of data can be explained by the use of obsolete software, which was created without information intelligence. This situation negatively affects the pace of development of the hotel business.

The activities of companies in this niche should reach a new level. Developers of the project Aqua Intelligence understand this. They will make every effort to ensure that the international market of the hotel industry has changed positively. For this purpose, it is planned to use complex profiles of a decentralized type.

What are the features of the site Aqua Intelligence

AQUA Intelligence (AQI) Is a platform that will be created using Blockchain technology. Thanks to it, consumers will be able to transfer and monetize personal data. Decentralized profiles will be created for the consumer. Third parties will not be able to access the profiles. Working with information on the AQI site will be based on the principles of confidentiality. Through the use of artificial intelligence and other effective tools, operational efficiency will be increased several times. Participants will be able not only to provide personal data, but also to take part in paid surveys and other programs aimed at obtaining reliable data.

Key elements of the Aqua Intelligence project

Ecosystem AQUA Intelligence form such elements:

  • AQUA Intel: the most important platform tool. With its help, information will be collected for analysis. Creation of profiles will be carried out through AQM. AQUA Intel will be created for prompt online search, providing answers to users' questions. Thanks to him, effective interaction between the consumer and the person providing the data will be carried out;
  • AQUA Mobile App (AQM): using AQM, users can earn tokens. All data that will be provided by the participants will be encrypted in a separate AQUA block-chain. To manage loyalty centers, it is also planned to use AQM. Users within the system will be able to share knowledge and quickly build relationships for mutually beneficial cooperation;
  • AQUA RMS: this system is designed for convenient revenue management. In addition, with its help, suppliers will be able to offer services and various tools to increase their own income. AQUA RMS will also allow each supplier to form an audience for sending messages attracting participants. AQUA RMS will allow to unite participants with special interests. This is necessary to maximize understanding of the basic needs of the audience.

Advantages of Aqua Intelligence

Aqua service will have a revolutionary approach to work. It will help companies increase revenues by using personalized applications for customers. Increased efficiency of work, the presence of machine learning - all this will make the Aqua platform in demand and as useful as possible for participants. Onsite users will appreciate the following benefits of Aqua Intelligence:

  • maximum reliability of the customer profile: a comprehensive profile protection system will be built on the basis of proven data and Blockchain technology;
  • the possibility of obtaining a large profit: through the use of more meaningful and accurate information, companies operating in the hotel industry will be able to count on increasing profits;
  • convenience of forecasting: artificial intelligence, verified information provides a transparent understanding of the essence of the matter (hotels will receive valuable predictions);
  • access to the software interface: the developers are planning to open access to profiles for the simplest possible integration with other operating systems.

The accrual of bonuses to active users is another plus that should attract an additional number of users to the Aqua Intelligence system. It will be possible to receive bonuses for supporting the project, providing valuable information. If all the goals are achieved by the developers, the Aqua Intelligence project will unite all participants in the hotel business.

Advantageous offers for hotel owners

When working with the Aqua Intelligence service, hotel owners will appreciate the ability to manage an enterprise without keeping a huge amount of paperwork. Serving companies for prevention is another plus. In this case, instructions on how to work for employees will be provided. If necessary, rules can be created to optimally control the entire process. Tools designed for effective preventive maintenance keep records accurate.

ICO Aqua Intelligence

AQX tokens will be used to carry out settlements between system participants. The developers decided to hold a crowdsale to collect additional money. The ICO will run from May 7 to July 30, 2018. The selling rate will be as follows: 1 AQX = 0,25 USD. Only ETH can be used to purchase crypto. Hard Cap for this crowdsale is USD 50.

Crypt distribution



The hotel business is one of the most promising in various parts of the world. Therefore, I can assume that the guys from the Aqua Intelligence team will achieve their goals in a short time. You can invest in the purchase of the AQX token today. If the project goes off, all the holders of this crypt will make a good profit - they just need to wait a little. In the White Paper or on the official Aqua resource, you can find out all the reliable information.


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