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The revolution in the field of Blockchain-technologies c Morpheus Labs BPaaS

Service Morpheus Labs BPaaS allows each user to quickly and easily develop all kinds of Blockchain-applications. The platform is available to all corporate clients, regardless of staff, financial turnover. Before starting to work, the user can choose the most convenient, understandable programming language.

Thanks to the use of Morpheus Labs BPaaS for the development of high-quality applications, the implementation of technological experiments will require much less financial and time-consuming.

What opportunities does Morpheus Labs offer?

Using this service, you can perform the following actions:

  • Crowdsourcing;
  • perform prototyping;
  • quickly create safe environments;
  • conduct experiments with various types of circuits to select the optimal option.

For the global economy, building a full-fledged infrastructure is important. Despite this, with Blockchain, the quality infrastructure has not yet been developed. The creators of Morpheus Labs plan to fill the existing void. The launch of a unique platform will allow us to focus on the convenience of applying the strategy, the timeliness of the project's entry into the market. Using Morpheus Labs, individuals, companies will be able to check existing business ideas at a minimum price.
Developers of Morpheus Labs are making every effort to create the largest application store in the whole of Southeast Asia. Companies will be able to connect to it in the Blockchain ecosystem to test, deploy applications in selected industries.
Specialists conducted an alpha test of the project. He helped attract a large number of large investors from key players in the fiat and crypto-exchange exchanges. The innovative status of the project attracted the attention of leading Japanese minds in the field of creating and developing cryptographic resources.

MITx Tokens

The release of additional MITx tokens will be carried out for sales (according to the road map plan). The revenues received from these activities will be applied exclusively for improving the product of Morpheus Labs, business development. Crypto currency of this type corresponds to the ERC20 standard.
Morpheus Labs generates MITx tokens. Crypto currency is an effective tool for raising capital for project development. MITx tokens are intended for use within the Morpheus BPaaS network. With this currency you can pay for all services, products offered on the platform.

ICO Morpheus Labs

The number of issued MITx tokens is 1 billion. 250 million MITx tokens have been allocated for sale. The main purpose of the ICO is to ensure sufficient funding. The tokens that remain after the sale will be used to expand and further develop the business. The main stage of the ICO will be held from March 24 to April 15. The cost of the token at this stage is as follows: 1 ETH = 8,000 MITx. The developers set the Hard Cap at $ 25.

Bounty-campaign Morpheus Labs

You can take part in the Morpheus Labs project by providing the creators of the resource with help in promoting the platform on other sites. The distribution of rewards within the Bounty program is as follows:

  • Bounty signatures: 25%
  • Youtube, blogs: 20%
  • Twitter: 15%
  • Facebook: 15%
  • Telegram: 15%
  • transfers: 15%

For participation in the campaign, the correct execution of all tasks, the user will be rewarded with bonuses. Translation of relying tokens is carried out after the completion of the ICO.

Distribution of tokens



Developers of Morpheus Labs BPaaS are on the verge of a revolution in the creation of innovative applications Blockchain. In order to join the project, it is enough to take part in ICO Morpheus Labs.

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