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Service Mobility Token for the development of transport industry

Mobility Token Is a platform dedicated to testing and implementing electric vehicles in everyday life. Developers are working hard to revolutionize the transportation industry. Project participants get the opportunity to earn MOB tokens for testing electric vehicles, publishing thematic reviews. A little later on the platform there will be a section devoted to innovations in the transport sphere.

Features of the development of the project Mobility Token

The goal of the developers is to create a stable open community for stakeholders, enthusiasts. Participants will receive information about electric vehicles, test them. Since the adoption of electric vehicles by the society is currently low, the specialists decided to introduce useful content into the network. Thanks to this, modern drivers will be aware of the choice of alternative options. Developers Mobility Token took part in the development of the resource (from January of the year 2017). Since then, he has acted as a reliable source of information on how to electrify vehicles. The resource combines the most valuable information:

  • description of existing and improved models;
  • reports with the electric drive of vehicles with estimations of professionals and ordinary users;
  • links for users who order electrified test drives on vehicles.

The development of the community will lead to increased interest of users in innovative technologies. Service will simplify the adoption of new technology. Such an approach will ensure more frequent conduct of test drives, increase sales of these cars.
The Mobility Token platform will offer opportunities to stimulate the development of the trans-port industry. In addition, the MOB token operates in accordance with the open access protocol. Thanks to this new ideas, solutions will be integrated much more actively.

What problems do the developers plan to solve Mobility Token

In order for the project to function successfully, specialists plan to solve a number of problems:

  • to overcome consumer distrust of innovative technologies;
  • create and constantly update detailed map systems for AV;
  • Increase the level of cybersecurity to prevent possible hacking of AB;
  • to master complex social interactions with road users;
  • timely provide information about bad weather drivers.

Delivery businesses will be able to use self-driving vehicles in the future. Thanks to this, companies will be able to save money on hiring experienced drivers. By automating services, the productivity of the company will increase significantly. Autonomous trucks will deliver goods around the clock, without days off and breaks. Accordingly, there will be no downtime - customers will receive goods on time.

Increased safety with electric vehicles

Another important advantage of the introduction of electric vehicles is the reduction of traffic congestion, the minimization of fatalities due to road accidents. Statistics show that approximately 1,3 million people die in road accidents each year. 94% of these cases are due to human error. In the US, $ 2018 trillion will be spent in 2,3. dollars to fight accidents. Innovative vehicles are equipped with the most important function - the ability to obtain information about traffic congestion. If necessary, the electric car changes the route to the optimal one. Accordingly, the number of traffic jams and fatalities will decrease. This trend is positive. Many leaders of countries and cities consider the introduction of electric vehicles as a promising direction.

MOB token features

MOB cryptocurrency is the main element on which the speed of the ecosystem development depends. In the first stages, tokens will be used only among project participants. However, over time, the functionality of the MOB cryptocurrency will expand. Digital currency can be used to integrate with charging stations, telecommunications companies. Using MOB tokens, it will be possible to pay for various services (for example, car repairs). This will ensure the continuous development of the ecosystem.

In total, 100 000 000 MOB tokens will be released. 40% of the total amount is planned to be distributed among the participants participating in the Bounty-campaign. Generation of crypto currency will be carried out monthly. 50% MOB tokens are planned to be used for selling crypto currency. The remaining tokens (10%) will be distributed among the advisers. 40 000 000 MOB tokens will be sold at a price of 0,25 $. 10 000 000 will be spent to pay bonuses to those participants who purchase MOB crypto currency. You can buy tokens for the following types of crypto currency: ETH, XLM.
To participate in the Bounty campaign, you must apply. It should contain such information: purse address, e-mail, country of residence, name of Bitcointalk users. Additional data may be required in accordance with the requirements of the campaign in which the user is participating.
The funds that will be received from the ICO Mobility Token will be used for the further development of the ecosystem, the creation of content and the technical development of the platform.



As innovative technologies are introduced globally, the Mobility Token project has excellent prospects. ICO Mobility Token is recommended for all participants who wish to earn good money in a short period of time. Despite the thoughtful structure, the convenience of the Mobility Token platform will be improved in the future.


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