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The currency fund of hedging Countinghouse for profitable trades

Over the past year, the cryptocurrency market has increased 10 times. Despite the rapid pace of development, it continues to actively expand. The fact is that many heads of companies and large projects are increasingly convinced that Blockchain is the future.

However, some investment companies avoid and even struggle with the growth of the decentralized economy. The creators of the Countinghouse Fund project are going to introduce crypto currency into various spheres of the economy. At the same time, partners will be given a guarantee of independence from intermediaries.

Features of Countinghouse

Countinghouse Fund - monetary hedge fund. To carry out transactions, he uses coded algorithms, as well as effective various mathematical methods to ensure profit from actions in the market. The specialists decided to raise capital to form a new fund. Through this, existing methods will be brought into the cryptocurrency space. This suggests more volatility compared to fiat currency exchange.

The difference of the Countinghouse Fund from other financial institutions

The fund is a direct hedge fund. In it, specialists will be able to arrange for several transactions using direct hedging strategies. This is necessary to compensate for the irrationality of the market, sudden changes occurring in trade areas. The tested strategies are successfully used by the Countinghouse service in the currency markets. Now the most successful trading methods are being introduced into the world of crypto-exchange. Countinghouse is not a trading platform. At this site you can use the experience, knowledge of brokers to facilitate trading on other exchanges.
The difference between the Countinghouse Fund is also the fact that here direct deals are placed on exchanges through intermediaries. The received profit in this case is transferred to investors. This provides profit to all market participants. Wisper provides Countinghouse with a complete set of IT solutions. They play a crucial role in ensuring the functionality of the service. Wisper offers security, technical understanding combined with maximum performance. These qualities perfectly combined with the experience of Countinghouse specialists.

The Fund works within the framework of a set of key values ​​that influence the final outcome in the decision-making process. The key value of the Countinghouse project is a high return on investment for investors. This is done through the introduction of new processes, more advanced technologies. Thanks to the available tools, organizations can carry out activities as a highly efficient, unique fund. This has become a key factor that contributes to the development of the primary value of the project. All algorithms have been tested on the crypto-currency markets many times. At the same time, experts have found out the prospects for increasing profits.

Mathematical Risk Management

Risks are a frequent occurrence in the foreign exchange market. They impede full, successful tracks. Competent risk management is the key to successful work on the exchange. The specialists of the Countinghouse service are sure that the absence of restrictions on exchange operations (fiat funds for cryptocurrency and vice versa) is especially important for the successful operation of the fund.
Cross-Portfolio God-Stops is another innovative fund based on the Countinghouse project. Thanks to special algorithms, the fund works as a whole. The most important task that these algorithms are programmed to perform is to create a unified safety net.

The objectives of the project Countinghouse

The main goals of the Countinghouse project are listed below:

  • maximization of the profit of investors: this will be achieved through competent risk management (through the use of algorithmic trading methods) in the crypto-currency market;
  • investment objectives of the fund: during the first 12 months, experts predict an increase in revenue by 600%. In addition, experts expect that when this goal is achieved, the cost of the tokens sold will be higher, compared to the original cost.

These are the main goals to be achieved by specialists. The tasks will be solved by introducing a crypto-adapted strategy into the system. Specialists also take into account their key principles: ensuring confidentiality of investors, mathematical risk management, as well as the continuous introduction of innovative technologies. Thanks to these conditions, the Countinghouse Fund project will ensure further success, growth in the crypto-currency fund. To achieve maximum success, it is recommended to avoid the temptation of self-forecasting.

Features of the ICO Countinghouse

To purchase CHT tokens, you must participate in the ICO Countinghouse. Owners of crypto currency will receive additional opportunities. The sale of CHT tokens is carried out from 10 April to 15 May 2018. For this period the following selling rate is set: 1 ETH = 1300 CHT. Investors who decided to participate in the sale for 7 days after the completion of the Pre-Sale will receive an 15-percentage bonus. Accordingly, for the embedded 1 ETH, the user will receive 1150 CHT. This is not all bonuses that can be accrued to depositors. You can see all the proposals on the official website.

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Since the crypto-currency sphere is developing at a rapid pace, I can assume that the Countinghouse project is promising. Accordingly, ICO Countinghouse can become interesting to many investors. To get acquainted with the useful info everyone can on the official website or in White peer. The guys from the Countinghouse development team tried their best and created a solid website with a user-friendly interface. Therefore, even newcomers will be able to understand all the subtleties of the crowdsdale!

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