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XYO NETWORK - a new project, which aims to create a block on the basis of geolocation. Smart contracts of the Etherium, considering all their revolutionary nature, are still subject to necessary revision; all of them are completely focused in the Internet space, and not in the physical world. Attachment to the location - this is exactly the improvement that XYO NETWORK so needed to do so. The transfer of geolocation to the block system will allow to increase the level of security several times and reduce the risk of fraud if not to the mark of 0, then certainly to the lowest level.

Geolocation services have long been part of our daily lives. Most of all devices are equipped with GPS-sensors, and the technology itself has a number of significant advantages. XYO NETWORK eliminates the need for centralized collection of location data. The project network will provide access to smart contracts using a system based on geolocation. This type of service will interact with both software and hardware.

The development of XYO NETWORK has long been handled by XY, which has already created its own personal geolocation system with a million sensors in it. Thanks to these sensors, it is possible to track the location of any given object. The developers of the project assure that this network is the largest of the existing ones.

XYO NETWORK - a new level of development of the whole industry, a project that changes and develops the concept of blocking technology, such a "look into the future" that can be felt today, becoming a participant in this project.

Brief network analysis

XYO NETWORK has a huge sales potential in many areas, including trade, logistics, medicine, etc. And given the already existing operational structure of XY, such a network can really be used in the near future, not to mention the high potential of this market.
In addition to geolocation coordinates, time will also be taken into account. When moving in the coordinate axis, objects will create metadata. Although, in order to process and store huge amounts of such information, substantial resources are needed, XY offers its own blocking solution.
Using block technology technology and an XYOX network with 4 levels, customers will be able to track not only the final and initial delivery points, but each of its phases separately on-line. An important point: all information will be on 100% reliable, the value of which will be supported by a network called Oracle. This advantage is evident in all spheres of everyday life of mankind.
The XYO network is a system of devices that record and archive heuristic data with the help of block technology. Each time the network device communicates with another XYO device, this event is logged and this action is logged, which, when viewed, will surely verify when and where the user's event occurred. The main function of the network is to perform the role of a kind of portal through which digital smart contracts can be executed through geolocation acknowledgments in the real world.

The main components of XYO NETWORK:

  • Guardians. They have special beacons with which they are able to determine the exact location, after which they enter all the indications in the form of the accuracy of the coordinates and the evidence of their origin in the database.
  • Bridges. Bridges here refer to specialized channels with a high degree of security, through which databases are transmitted along with proof of location from custody to fortunetellers. Provide additional evidence of the origin of coordinates.
  • Archivers. The task of archivers is to save information about the locations of a particular object in a decentralized form, thereby storing information from possible losses or theft. All storage operations are free of charge. You will only need to pay if you need to extract the necessary information, since additional system capacities must be connected to this type of operation.
  • Predictors (divisers). The task of this component of the system is the analysis of user requests based on the stored information in the network. The coordinates of a certain object must be accompanied by evidence of origin, otherwise it will not be possible to determine exact geolocation.

XYO and ICO tokens

XYO launches its own currency called XYO-tokens, which will become the main means of payment in the ecosystem, as well as access to the network. The tokens are based on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC20), which indicates their reliable level of security and high liquidity.
The total amount of the issue is 100 billion ICO will start from 20 March 2018 and last until 20 May (2 months). Exchange rate: 1 XYO = 0,0178 $. All unallocated XYO tokens will be burned.

The funds received after the ICO will be distributed as follows:

  • 40% of all funds will go to marketing and strategic costs;
  • 35% of funds will be allocated for further development and development;
  • 14% for the repayment of operating expenses;
  • 5% will be directed to the maintenance of certain E-projects;
  • 5% of the remaining funds will cover all overhead costs.


The project XYO NETWORK gathered under its banners a good team of professionals and experts in the field of block-technologies, crypto-currencies, IT-technologies and business. All of them will do their best to further develop the project, create a new era in the detachment industry.


The road map of the XYO NETWORK project looks like this:

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