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Calls using crypto currency? With Experty it's easy!

What's happened Experty? This is a unique opportunity to make international calls with the help of a modern block-platform. For business, this means only one benefit: not only provides opportunities for making calls, but also gives access to a huge knowledge base and a whole staff of experts who will easily share this knowledge.

The mission is

The creation of the platform is designed to encourage the introduction of crypto currency on a global scale. This will create an understandable intuitive application, suitable for use by a wide range of people. The developers plan to ensure the mass use of the service over the next 3 years. Anyone who wants to consult through a special application must have access to their own crypto-currency purse.

Why did the creators of dare to create their own project? Because they want to solve the crisis of talent in the blockbuster community. Today there are a large number of highly qualified specialists with unique knowledge. However, they can not monetize their capabilities, provide access to their information.

The platform will allow users to find out everything they need about crypto or blockade through calls. Every call will be paid using a smart contract and an EXY token. In this way, companies will receive the knowledge they need, and the very community will expand and flourish.

Why use Experty?

Quick access to the database. Today, there are practically no incentives for the constant exchange of knowledge and all sorts of information. Experty solves this problem in an original way: any expert in a certain field can provide information assistance. From anywhere in the world. To anyone.

Simplicity of work. Calls will be made using the special program Experty. The minimum of settings and complexities, just quick management and a full response from qualified professionals. The clients of the project can even return the money spent if they did not like the service. It is enough only to use a specialized smart contact.

Fast payments. With the help of the platform, you can make fast financial transactions anywhere in the world. Thus, experts will be able to quickly receive a reward worthy of them. All will be paid for: the cost of the call, expert assistance. Subscribers of the system will not make advance payments, since they are made using smart contracts.

Who needs this application?

Experty gives opportunities for developers and all kinds of consultants to monetize their knowledge. In general, the project will be useful to the following people.

Developers of the block. Every influential person planning to invest in the project will have the opportunity to manage the masses of investors and draw attention to their ideas.

Bloggers. There are people who constantly talk about the functioning of crypto-currency systems. However, direct contact with customers is difficult. It happens with the help of comments and streams. Users will be able to receive the information they need without any delay.

Consultants. A person with knowledge will be able to share them with everyone who wants to. For a reward, of course.

Experty Is not a market

In order to increase the decentralization of its project, the developers decided to abandon the generally accepted method of creating a market.

Users have the opportunity to share information about the operation of the platform in any social network or mass media wherever they like. This means that the block-specialists are not limited to the market alone.


  • Foundation of the company.
  • The first small crypto project.
  • Research and analysis of block projects.
  • 1 sq. M. 2017. Development of the project concept.
  • 2 sq. M. 2017. Start the development of software.
  • 3 sq. 2017. Receiving an investment of $ 700.
  • 4 sq. M. 2017. Release the alpha version of the system, start the generation of tokens.
  • 1 sq. M. 2018. Running the air purse.
  • 2 sq. M. 2018. Audit of the security system. Release of the project on the market.
  • 3 sq. M. 2018. Run the beta testing system.
  • 4 sq. M. 2018. Release of the payment version.
  • 1 sq. M. 2019. System update based on users' opinions.


  • K. Prezorski, founder and CEO.
  • T. Dyl, CTO.
  • K. Kutsmerg, co-founder.
  • S. Khan, project manager.
  • A. Menlik, the developer.
  • M. Sazewski, marketing manager.
  • D. Shmel, the developer.
  • L. Kubica, developer of mobile applications.


In order to take part in the ICO, you must send a registration and send an application for participation in the crowdsdale on the official website of the project. Do not trust links that are hosted on third-party resources.


The developers have launched a full-fledged bounty program to find specialists and expand the operation project online. You can participate in it and get a reward, the amount of which will vary depending on the degree of user activity in social networks.

You can find out more about the project at
Official site -
Link to ANN BTT -

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