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HYIP projects

How to work with HYIP projects

The incidents with the pyramids, sometimes depriving the annual income of gullible people, are still fresh in our memory. They exist now, but it’s time to change a hardened negative attitude.

HYIP projects and how to earn them

What are HYIP projects?

HYIP projects - an abbreviation of the English language, which literally translates as a program of high-yield investments.

Such projects are called pyramids. Distinctive four pyramids:

  1. Rarely have an adequate and stable concept behind them;
  2. Investors who came earlier receive their income from the money of new investors;
  3. As soon as the interest in the project disappears and the tap with investments overlaps, the pyramid collapses.

HYIP projects are different in that its founders never lie to customers and are the first to admit that they work on the principle of a pyramid.

That's how it works. However, now (thanks to the Internet) we have sufficient knowledge and general experience in order to be able to handle the HYIPs competently and to receive benefits.

Fortunately, the mass of aids.

Subspecies of projects

All HYIP projects are conventionally divided into several categories:

  1. By life - fast or high-yielding, medium to long-term;
  2. By payout type - instants, manual and automatic.

According to the term of life. Highly profitable fasts are the most classic pyramids with incredible promises and percentages. It is because of the size of payments that such a project simply cannot exist for a long time - it is impossible to find so many investors. The most risky type: you need to be able to invest immediately after the opening of the pyramid, otherwise expect trouble.

HYIPs with average income and lifespan are more modest in their promises: up to 3% per day. They are much more reliable and can survive even a year, and an additional income is provided by the affiliate program - bonuses for each given investor.

Low-income HYIPs are long-livers of the industry: they are able to keep afloat even 2-3 of the year. 1% per day against official activities and the ability to contact the organizers.

On payments. Instant implies an immediate payment after the order, manual - the investor submits an application for withdrawal, automatic - the money themselves comes to the electronic wallet specified by the investor.

All three are used with about the same frequency. It is important to constantly monitor the regularity of payments - then you can notice in time that the project is losing ground and losing solvency.

HYIP projects of our time

How can I make money on HYPE

On the HYPE you can really earn if you pay attention to:

  1. The term of his life;
  2. Regular payments;
  3. Interest rates.

To monitor this information helps Hip monitors. These resources display current data on a large number of projects, and the user chooses the best option.

Of course, if you are a beginner, you should not aim a blow at high-grade fasts - the risk of burning is too great. But medium and low income will help discourage investment. It is possible to determine the type of a new project according to its promises - the lower the rate, the longer it will live.

The type of payment does not play such a big role.


Summarizing, one can cite as an example several myths about hype.

Myth 1. HYIP project - it is always a fraud and illegal actions.

It is true. Long-term low-income HYIPs work officially and with a license, which already contradicts the thesis of illegality. In addition, they never mislead customers, do not lie, that their money is being made somewhere, and so on.

Myth 2. Only someone who came to him in the first days of existence can earn money on a HYPE.

It is true. Depends on the type of HYIP. This principle works only with fasts, you can come to low-income ones in just six months and still make a profit.

Myth 3. It is impossible to pay damages.

It is true. Many HYIPs offer insurance and give money to it. The insurance fund is activated when the project ceases to exist, and mostly return to customers who lose the game from 30% to 100% of the amount.

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