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Easy operation with Cryron's Crypto currency


Platform Ceyron It was created for the convenience of working with crypto-currencies. Using this service, users can store, exchange tokens, and also acquire real goods. The main task of the developers was to maximize the use of crypto currency. Ceyron users can get a debit card. It is additionally protected by a chip (using EMV technology). MasterCard cards are also created in accordance with this standard. Therefore, the Ceyron card will be accepted without limits in the same places where it is possible to pay with a MasterCard.

All users of Ceyron will appreciate the minimum fees, instant transactions, as well as the lack of geographical conditions, the anonymity of users. Using the paypass function, it will be possible quickly, with convenience to pay for the purchases made. This wireless technology is used in practice quite actively. In this case, the user does not need a signature, as well as a personal PIN-code. Through a special application Digipass, the user can confirm transactions carried out using a special online card. To do this, it is enough to have a smartphone with you. Access to the most popular crypto-currency assets is provided to users of Ceyron through clear tools. The developers are sure that Ceyron solves the most important problem of the crypto-currency sector. Therefore, the tools of this platform will have increased demand.

Advantages of the Ceyron system

Working on the Ceyron platform has its advantages. Convenience of the performed actions is provided due to:

  • efficiency and simplicity of mechanisms: the sending of crypto-currency assets is carried out as simply as by e-mail. It does not matter where the user is. Users can receive, send tokens in seconds;
  • decentralization: the work of the Ceyron platform is based on the application of decentralized Blockchain technology. Due to this, the third party does not participate in the transaction. All operations are conducted between two users. This feature minimizes the likelihood of fraud;
  • availability of limited-coins: for the Ceyron system released 250 million tokens. Due to the fact that the platform will develop further, the cost of the crypto currency will grow. Using Ceyron coins provides the system with additional stability.


Features provided by Ceyron users

Depending on the tasks, users can perform the following actions with Ceyron:

  • exchange tokens: a convenient system allows you to buy, sell CEY coins and other crypto currency;
  • Use the Ceyron card on travel: funds on its account will be treated as a local currency;
  • transfer money: send coins CEY can be carried out at any convenient time (the location is not important at the same time);
  • conduct anonymous operations: each user can launch a wallet and perform the necessary operations with absolute anonymity.

The absence of barriers is a significant plus. Ceyron users can send, receive international payments without the participation of a third party.

Ceyron Card - features

The CEY card will be physical as well as virtual. In addition, users are invited to Debit MasterCard, associated with the mobile application. Developers paid special attention to the security of this payment tool. Cards are issued with CHIP-protection. Thanks to this attacker, you will not be able to copy the map or create a clone of it. It is almost impossible to read information from the chip card (in comparison with obsolete magnetic cards). The technology of issuing CHIP cards is standardized around the world. Therefore, the Ceyron debit card can be used everywhere.

Digipass for convenient transactions

The Digipass system was created in accordance with the latest technological developments and customer preferences. Thanks to this, everyone can carry out the authentication procedure for virtual transactions online. To do this, you need to use your own smartphone. The application is versatile - it can be downloaded for all IOS, Android and Windows devices. The user just needs to visit the Google Play Store or App Store. This makes online banking even more secure. In many ways, additional convenience is provided, namely:

  • lifelong restrictions are absent;
  • much more flexibility is provided to manage the PIN;
  • activation of the QR-code reading is extremely simple;
  • the ability to manage a large number of accounts from a single application;
  • Additional security measures are provided by protecting fingerprints;
  • There is no need to have ancillary devices to activate the Internet bank.

Features of Ceyron's crypto currency (CEY)

The economy of the Ceyron platform has received additional reliability due to the internal CEY token. Its creation was carried out on the basis of Ethereum. This cryptocurrency is issued specifically for the work of investors. Token holders do not receive ownership rights to Ceyron. In the course of the ICO Ceyron, the project developers plan to raise $ 45 million. The following types of cryptocurrencies, fiat funds can be used to purchase CEY tokens: ETH, BTC, LTC, and USD. The sale of tokens during the ICO will be carried out through the official Ceyron website. Potential investors are encouraged to provide personal data in the process of creating their own account (required to participate in the sale).

Features of the ICO
For the ICO, 250 million CEY tokens have been issued. Pre-sale began 16 February 2018 year. It will end on 15 March. The cost of the 1 token is CEY = 1 $ USD. The main stage of the sale of the CEY crypto currency starts 16 March 2018. ICO will be held until the hardcap is reached - 45 million dollars (softcap -2 million dollars).


John Daniels - Executive Director

Kevin Massala - Chief Financial Officer

Donald Baileys - Chief Operating Officer

Olivia Kottle - Collaborates with social media

Sushuke Yoshihara - Development Manager

Andrey Romanov - Development Manager

Ahmed Fahem - Development Community Manager

Distribution of tokens

CEY tokens are planned to be used for the following activities:

  • portfolio investments: 80% -90%;
  • development of new technologies: 10% -15%;
  • working capital: 3%;
  • Charges and expenses: 3%.


At the beginning of 2018, ICO Ceyron was launched. At the end of the year 2018 will be listed on the largest cryptographic exchanges. In 2019, the developers of the project plan to create a loan portfolio, expand the capabilities of the CEY debit card. During the same period, the CEY program for the debit card will be launched. Within its framework, 15-20 thousand maps will be issued and distributed around the world. In 2020, a decentralized application will be built. With its help it will be possible to solve complex banking problems. For example, a smart contract will greatly simplify the procedure for paying sales tax.

At present, the Ceyron project actively attracts investments for the implementation of the tasks set, further development. A unique toolkit will provide a sharp increase in the number of users. For an effective investment of funds it is enough to take part in ICO Ceyron.

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