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We choose bitcoin purse - where it is better to store crypto currency?

The value of cryptocurrency is undeniable and, although some users continue to doubt its future, deny that Bitcoin and alts cost money - stupid. If we talk specifically about the value of the main coin, then its rate has confidently settled in the area 4300-4600 $ and continues to grow. Therefore, the question of where to store such valuable money is extremely relevant in the Internet community. We also decided to talk about it - then we will discuss the different types of bitcoin wallets and decide which one is better to use. 

Bitcoin wallet - types of wallets

In the field of crypto currency, no one loses the opportunity to earn money. This is a fertile sphere, which in a blink of an eye can gild and make everyone richly fabulous. Developers also do not lose the opportunity to get their share of the profit in this environment and actively produce purses for storing coins. Long gone are the days when, apart from the heavy software purse storage options, bitcoins simply did not exist. Today you can find a wallet with a variety of functions and security level. Moreover, this variety can easily get lost and sometimes the choice of a wallet becomes very difficult task.

All existing wallets are divided into three large groups: online wallets, software clients and hardware wallets. All of them have advantages and disadvantages, we'll talk about them later.

Online wallets for crypto currency

The most ancient and often used option for storing electronic means is an online wallet. First of all, this is the most simple way: from the user it is required only to get yourself an account in the system and enjoy all the advantages of the service. The user is not tied to a particular PC - from any device, anywhere in the world, you can use your money, take them offline or pay online on the net immediately.

At the same time, online customers have one big drawback, which makes users trust their bitcoins to other types of wallets. In fact, the storage of funds is the transfer of bitcoins to third parties - the owners of the service fully control the coins. And no one can guarantee that these very owners of the wallet will not decide to go into a scam - such incidents have already happened in history and many bitcoin holders had to say goodbye to their money.

The risk of losing funds scares not everyone and many continue to use online wallets. There is nothing wrong with this, but it's better to keep a small amount on such a service, which is necessary for fast operations. The main storage for crypto currency is better to justify on your PC or give preference to the hardware device.

Blockchain Bitcoin Wallet  

One of the most reputable wallets for storing major cryptocurrencies and has been the market leader for a long time. Previously, it was even presented on the official website of bitcoin developers, but those days are over. Unfortunately, along with the convenience of functionality and a high level of security, Blockchain suffers from exorbitant fees that can even reach the transaction amount itself! By default, the wallet sets the commission that will contribute to the fastest confirmation of the operation and, if you reduce it manually, you can wait a very long time for confirmation - even wait for your tranza to get stuck somewhere.


One of the most reliable online purses, which has been operating for about 5 years and has earned a positive reputation. The service is easy to use and offers cold storage of coins. But there is a significant disadvantage, because of which it is better not to use a purse for those who invest in HYIPs. Coinbase is trying to follow the letter of the law and behaves like a bank - it provides an opportunity to withdraw funds offline, allows you to integrate the account in the system with a bank account and conduct operations with cards. Because of this, it de-initiates users and very closely monitors our transactions. If the security service appears that you are a member of the HYIP, then the service will be denied, and the account will be blocked.


Not all online services for storing bitcoins can boast of issuing plastic cards to their customers, and Xapo can. In addition, the purse offers cold storage of coins and a high level of security, of which the network has legends. Unlike Blockchain, commissions from users are minimal, and transactions are made quickly.

Software bitcoin wallets

For a long time, until the hardware wallets were distributed, desktop clients were considered to be the most reliable storage locations for cue bottles. When using them, personal access keys are stored only by the user and are not transferred to a third-party service (as in the case of online purses). This means that only the owner of the coins has access to them, which makes this type of wallets popular among users.

A high level of security, of course, is a very important parameter, but using a software purse is not so convenient:

  • You can only operate money from a specific PC, so if you want to spend money around the world, you'll have to bring your laptop with you.
  • The desktop purse is quite weighty - the blockade of bitcoin weighs more than 140 GB and all this beauty will be located in the memory of your PC.
  • For the same reason that the block is downloaded to your computer's memory, you will have to wait a long time for the installation. And she can take a few days and a couple of weeks.

Bitcoin Core - official purse for bitcoins

The main purse, in which coins are stored since the very moment of their appearance, was bitcoin cor. True. in distant 2009 it was called differently and had a slightly different functionality, but in fact it is the same development Satoshi Nakamoto. Since this software wallet is official, it is installed on your hard drive most often, but in addition to security, there are no obvious advantages for Bitcoin Core. It takes up a lot of space, is clumsy and inconvenient to use, but it's not only this product, but rather all thick wallet.

Wallet with advanced functionality Armory

Armory is not a standalone client, and if you do not have another software purse, it will not work. But it was impossible to remember about him, because this is an addition to the desktop, which will help him acquire advanced features and increase the security of a standard wallet. This program is popular with the popularity and, often, it is Armory that prefer to have miners. For newbies, the client will not be completely understandable, and users who are just beginning to understand the details of the work with the jukebox, such a rich functionality simply does not need anything.

Slim purse Electrum

One of the most popular wallets is Electrum. Like bitcoin, it is software and it needs to be downloaded to your PC, but at the same time it has a big difference from the official client. Electrum does not download the entire block, it only refers to the servers to get data on the latest blocks. This approach significantly speeds up the work of the client and makes its use more convenient. Well, among our compatriots Electrum are also fond of being a bitcoin purse in Russian.

Hardware purse for crypto currency

It is widely recognized that hardware wallets are the most secure and convenient to use. And although they arose back in the distant 2013 year, universal popularity was acquired only at the present time, when the bitcoin rate reached staggering heights. This is explained by the fact that, in contrast to all the above purses, hardware is paid. They represent a removable medium that can be ordered and paid for and received by mail.

In the unconnected form, the hardware purse is a cold storage, and connected to the PC it gives the user the necessary functionality for operations. Advantages of such wallets are added to a solid list:

  • Confirmation of operations is carried out not through the PC, but through the buttons on the device itself. If, for example, your laptop is compromised by hackers or viruses, then they will not be able to send coins to the left accounts.
  • On the screen that has almost all the wallets, you can check the accuracy of the sending address.

  • The compact size of the device allows you to always carry it with you, and in case of losing the wallet itself or the password to it - the data can be restored.
  • To use the wallet you can use special software or access through a large list of popular bitcoins of purses.
  • As a rule, some altcoys also support, that is, for each individual coin, you do not need to start your wallet.
  • You can sign transactions without an Internet connection.

One can not fail to count both the advantage and the fact that hardware wallets for people who are not dedicated to the subtlety of the crypto currency are of no interest. And even if the burglar gets into your apartment, he hardly thinks that some kind of flash drive keeps all your wealth.


The first hardware purse for bitcoins in history. For a long time nobody paid attention to the device, because bitcoin was not really needed by anyone, and today it is in stable demand. The wallet is small in size and durable, has a high level of security and is easy to use. Buy this miracle of technology can be a little more than for 100$, and you can store several coins in it: popular crypto-currencies with a large capitalization and even a beginner on the market - bitcoin cache.


The main competitor Trezor of French production. The popularity of the wallet is so high that before you get it, you will not only have to wait for delivery, but also "stand up" in a two-week period. Ledger most like a USB flash drive, and a reliable metal case is packed with a standard, for wallets of this type, functional. The level of Ledger protection is compared with the security of a bank plastic card, several crypto currencies can be stored on it, and the price is of the order of 80$.


The third most popular hardware wallet, which externally far away from the usual external storage. Developers proudly call their creation the most stylish of purses and it looks really good, but in terms of functions from other hardware companions is not much different. The essential difference from the above described models is that the device has a large screen that helps to see what is sent and to whom. On other parameters, including the price, KeepKey is very similar to the Trezor wallet.

Best bitcoin wallet

To store bitcoins, you can pick up a purse for every taste and color, because the number of them is amazing. Nevertheless, any of the wallets has, in addition to advantages, significant shortcomings and therefore can not be said that there is an ideal option. Rather, in this variety you can find the optimal service that fits the requirements of a particular user, but at times, you have to use at least two purses. Many users do exactly this: they create a software and online wallet in order to store the main amount on a more secure one, and keep the amount for transactions on an online account. But 100% of security and reliability will not give any of the storage facilities - so diversification of risks will not be superfluous in working with wallets.

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    Hardware wallets are considered one of the reliable ones, however, if the user loses the device and the seed phrase, then his bitcoins will disappear forever, therefore it is recommended to store the seed phrase separately from the device. Hardware wallets, such as Trezor, Ledger Nano, etc., cost a lot of money, and you also need to spend time to figure out how these devices work. Mobile and desktop wallets are quite popular, but are considered more vulnerable to hacker attacks. Web wallets are easy to use and are most suitable for beginners, since the responsibilities associated with the safe storage of cryptocurrencies of users are assumed.