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New deposit protection

Портал always cares for his partner!

Let's shortly and without "water": investing together with, you either get a profit in the project, or get compensation from the blog with a quick scam.
The amount of insurance is divided proportionally between ALL REFERRALS.

Since July 2023: all insurance funds on the PH blog are perpetual.


Lost money in a fast way? 3 steps, how to return a contribution (or part of it).

1. We order compensation through the form here or through a convenient telegram bot PHmybot

2. Ordered - it means we have received an application. Wait 48 to 96 hours, this is the procedure for payment of compensation. After the start of the process of payment of compensation, new applications will not be accepted.

3. After you receive payment for the purse, be sure to unsubscribe about receiving in 2-3 places:

H-metrics aggregator
Theme on MMGP
ISP aggregator

Or in the comments to the project / this page.

1072 review for "New Deposit Protection"

  1. Avatar photo Lara2016:

    Спасибо за компенсацию TrinityAI +237 TRX b5b0b1c8c5267898a15e7eed9e7c3530a8cac79ba0b2b55806ebf9dc34ec1630 2023-10-10 13:05:45

  2. Avatar photo Lara2016:

    Спасибо за компенсацию Beilum +36 TRX fedc2a534c7a6e6ee9eac8a96f0a0568d5a7192bd06ea9509cfac6b2e221dbec 2023-09-28 20:41:30

  3. Avatar photo Lara2016:

    Thank you for the compensation The amount of 13.2 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U42819369->U38**** Memo: API Payment. Compensation by Stable Dividends from the PH portal.. Date: 23:31 20.09.23/541739898/XNUMX. Batch: XNUMX

  4. […] The project has stopped making payments. The current fund amount is $500. I'm waiting for reports, we send them through a convenient bot @PHmybot (you can track the status of the application); or a special form for compensation on the blog. […]

  5. Avatar photo Galina84:

    Compensation 134 trx
    86fefdb6665944e9e1ea40ce986125156e34bcbf993679c3e14cc7ab90b57b95 22.07.23
    According to the BitBits project - the Deposit Protection Fund, 110% was enough to compensate

  6. Avatar photo Lara2016:

    Спасибо за компенсацию ioto labs +7.8 USDT 0x235d4c012d3c357fcdc98b1352d672dd7ff214d436bce40a249491dac9dece4e 20-07-2023

  7. Avatar photo TimEight:

    Tnx for RCB!

    0.075 LTC - 2023-05-26 ​​05:27

  8. Avatar photo evgenn2012:

    Thank you for the compensation on the Axtra + 293 TRX project!


  9. Avatar photo Lara2016:

    Thanks for the compensation Finam Found +32.60 USDT 83c3173f52c869e91a19ddda5ecc3414ea57e482681b57f9344c9676b441b8a4 20.04.2023

  10. Avatar photo Lara2016:

    Thanks for the compensation! Maddio +56 TRX 6fe6e48b3c249d757ac96c4b14e4965ac713e1ece35d73e131b14bfcd6941bd1 2023-03-20 16:24:06