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New deposit protection

Портал always cares for his partner!

Let's shortly and without "water": investing together with, you either get a profit in the project, or get compensation from the blog with a quick scam.
The amount of insurance is divided proportionally between ALL REFERRALS.

Since July 2023: all insurance funds on the PH blog are perpetual.


Lost money in a fast way? 3 steps, how to return a contribution (or part of it).

1. We order compensation through the form here or through a convenient telegram bot PHmybot

2. Ordered - it means we have received an application. Wait 48 to 96 hours, this is the procedure for payment of compensation. After the start of the process of payment of compensation, new applications will not be accepted.

3. After you receive payment for the purse, be sure to unsubscribe about receiving in 2-3 places:

H-metrics aggregator
Theme on MMGP
ISP aggregator

Or in the comments to the project / this page.

1052 review for "New Deposit Protection"

  1. Avatar photo Katenkakatyush:

    Thank you for your payment!
    For the RoadtoMars project, the allocated fund was enough to compensate 12%
    потерь 36 TRX. 2023-12-27 22:51:18 5d3082b63c0e93d6ebb349d0cc80f3ea1f44447c2ac9db57b8620dc1342c487c

  2. Avatar photo Lyubov64:

    Thanks for compensating 100%
    641 DOGE 665cb84b390e0655d05c02c676283a6317a33736bb29b26cdfea4a5602b13ba4 Dec 24, 2023 3:08 PM .Compensation for Gminer from the Profit-Hunters portal

  3. Avatar photo Katenkakatyush:

    Thank you for your payment!
    According to the Gminer project, the Deposit Protection Fund was enough for 100% compensation
    losses 0.86 LTC
    Dec 24, 2023 12:25 PMUTC

  4. Avatar photo Lyubov64:

    Thank you for your payment!
    Compensation Smbitex 36.66 USDT 0x77f94aa50f6f59c1ed0055194b7e30e5daa538ecdbecce9e03bee9f048bcc4ba Dec-23-2023 07:45:11 PM

  5. Avatar photo Lyubov64:

    Thanks for the compensation with bonus?
    Compensation 38.5 USDT 0xd0ce767dd23f911f307efe4562b46fc6d1474a66305d3e895c5a433056c90299 Dec-15-2023 07:14:02 PM. Compensation according to Cen-trium from the Profit-Hunters BIZ portal

  6. Avatar photo TimEight:

    Thanks for Compensation with 10% Bonus!

    12.15.23 20:17 Received Payment 50.6 USD from account U42819369. Batch: 558070106. Compensation for Cen-trium from the Profit-Hunters portal

  7. Avatar photo Lyubov64:

    Thank you for the full compensation for the Banterbits project!
    +36 USDT 0xa63eac90b4143b9804a6e7ea24eaad48ea7b8bd6e0c0236ea71a6190e8edf333 Dec-06-2023 09:27:40 PM

  8. Avatar photo Katenkakatyush:

    Thank you for your payment!
    Banterbits $55 Tether TRC-20
    2023-12-07 02:23:06

  9. Avatar photo Lyubov64:

    Thanks for the insurance!
    Compensation 52.7 USDT 0x0604b67339bd2635e675a31f901ed836d41ae7abf6479c338d90278645b6927c Dec-06-2023 09:26:46 PM. Compensation for the Banterbits project from the Profit-Hunters BIZ portal

  10. Avatar photo atilapires:

    39 USDT