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Crypto currency with weirdness: rating of the most unusual digital coins

All of us have long been aware that crypto-currencies are a means of payment, the money of the future and a good tool for speculation. At the same time, each of them is unique in its own way and created, often, for a specific purpose, but there are also very strange coins that have surprised with their own characteristics and scope of application. In this article you will not find recommendations on investments and obvious practical benefits, but you will definitely know how rich and diverse the crypto-currency world is.

Why do coins appear with oddities and who invests in them?

At some point in the development of the crypto industry, the coins ceased to be created purely with the goal of presenting the next rival to the world Bitcoin. Most developers have long abandoned noble goals and have more material intentions, and sometimes just want to laugh funny (but in this case they do not mind to make money). That's why we see a lot of strange, strange and even scandalous coins that appear, contrary to common sense.

Along with this, there are those who find such ideas interesting, want to support a joke, or are simply ready to give credit to the creators for their creativity. And I must say that more and more people are ready to invest in unusual coins - someone understands that they are rather performing an act of charity, and someone even sincerely believes that investments will someday bear fruit.

At present, there are over 1570 crypto-currencies and it is not surprising that among them very unusual specimens come across. This, again, demonstrates how rich the human imagination is and that in the crypto industry there is a place for everyone.

Coins with political overtones

One of the most popular directions in the crypto industry is related to politics. On the one hand, the creators try to pay tribute to important figures of a particular country, and on the other hand, they give their coins a famous name that will attract attention of users and investors to it. At the same time, all coins, one way or another related to politics, can be divided into two groups: those that create as a national currency at the state level, and crypto-currencies, named after famous figures - often presidents.

The first state crypto-currencies

If we talk about state crypto coins, then so far there is more talk than action. In various countries, statesmen express the idea of ​​creating such money, but so far words are at odds with deeds. But not everyone is shy about cryptocurrencies - just recently it became known that Venezuela, represented by the President of this country, Nicolas Maduro, offered its cryptocurrency to the world. Coin titled Petro is designed to strengthen the economy of the state and even backed by oil, gold reserves and precious stones.

Petro itself has become an objective necessity, designed to save the country from the devaluation of the existing "paper" currency. We must pay tribute to the Venezuelan crypt, because it is the most famous state coin, which, moreover, was launched through ICO. It is known that the cryptocurrency created by the ERC20 standard on the Ethereum blockchain and its sale, which is underway at the present time, comes with a great deal of excitement - during the presale, more than 82 million tokens from 100 million were listed implemented.  

Attitude to national money, created in the best traditions of the crypto industry, is still ambiguous - some of them are praising and claim that for such money the future, others - have not yet decided what position to take. In a word, what will come of this, will show the future. Nevertheless, they have taken care of their crypto-currencies in Dubai and Sweden, think about their products in China, Estonia and even in Russia in plans to launch a cryptor.

Crypto Presidents

The popularity of world leaders does not give rest to many, the creators of crypto-currencies were found how to express their veneration and admiration or simply postebatsya. So the Russian coin appeared PutinCoin, which now ranks 619 in the rating. Everything that is known about this phenomenon, in fact, that follows from the name of the coin - it was created in honor of the President of the Russian Federation. The joke was appreciated and, although the coin is worth sheer nonsense - $ 0,008, nevertheless capitalization of Putinkoyin's market is equal to 3,4 $ million. True, coins from the heart were coined - 2 billion PUT.

Following PutinCoin was created another coin in honor of the leader of the Russian Federation under the name PutinClassic. Unlike the previous coin, the novelty was not going to claim the title of a payment instrument, but was declared as a souvenir, which "is nice to hold in purse". Judging by the fact that the CoinMarketCap cryptocurrency is not indexed, the prank of the creators was completely successful and users diligently admire the coins within their wallet. 

The overseas elect of the people Donald Trump is not far behind in popularity. A cryptocurrency is named in his honor, which is quoted at a price of $ 0,08 - TrumpCoin. The capitalization of the coin is small and amounts to about 560 $ thousand. TrumpCoin has uncertain ideas and perspectives, but its logo clearly hints at the external similarity with Trump's booming shock hair.

Crypto currency-memes

The loudest experiment at which a crypto currency based on a meme was created occurred in 2013, when the world came to light Dogecoin. This was one of the first cases of such non-standard use of blocking technologies, and the success that ensued quickly showed other crypto-creators that one can not especially bother with technology and the idea, because the public sometimes clings quite elementary things.

Dogecoin is a pure water joke, a kind of parody either on bitcoin, or banter from the entire crypto industry as a whole. It is known that the history of this wonderful coin began with the fact that one of its creators had nothing to do furrow the Internet, drinking beer, and just bought a site with the domain Without any hindsight, and not even dreaming to get rich at the expense of Meme, but for the sake of personal entertainment, the developers blurred the Dogecoin coin and did not expect such a success to be waiting for it. A nice meme with a dog fell into the users' soul, and therefore it is not surprising that the capitalization of the crypto currency reached 395 $ million.

And although different currencies-memes in the network can be found a lot, the closest to DOGE picked up no less than an epic crypt called Pepe Cash. In the basis of this freak from the world, a well-known anthropomorphic frog was laid, which had many admirers. But Pepe Cash from the "coin with the dog" is different in that it has a specific use as a payment unit for the storage of unique Pepe-memes.

On a special platform built on the block, the most unusual memes with a frog are kept and users buy them from each other for Pepe Cash coins. And if you think that these memes hardly anyone need, then you are very wrong - the coin is quoted at the price of 0,03 $, and its capitalization is 24 $ million (in good times it reached even 80 $ million!).

Coins with unusual target use

If the memes and politicians that were reflected in the crypto-currencies do not surprise you, then maybe the digital money will be of interest, with unusual spheres of application? It turns out that there is not such an outgrowth of human being and thoughts, for which the developers would not have bothered to come up with their own unique coin.

  • Catcoins is a digital asset created to protect cats and their hosts.
  • SexCoin is a coin for the industry workers "for adults" and its consumers.
  • Fuck Token - Sending a coin to an opponent will help to tell you what you think of him instead of a thousand words.
  • BitCoen is a kosher crypto currency created exclusively for the Jewish people, which exists in an entire ecosystem, including a trading platform, a payment and a platform for advertising.
  • PotCoin - a crypt, which is a means of payment in the legal market of marijuana.
  • ConfessionCoin - a crypt that will have to pay to inscribe their sins in the blockade and thus confess.
  • GayCoin - altcoyin for people with non-traditional views on the relationship of the sexes.

It is not necessary to talk about how actively the above mentioned coins are used in the designated spheres and how much necessity there was in them. Some of them are at the stage of disappearance, due to a lack of interest on the part of the depositors and even the creators themselves, who, without gaining recognition and not losing a solid jackpot, lost faith in their creations.

The most honest token

In the list of the most unusual cryptocurrencies, it would be unfair not to mention the crypt, which is one of the few that does not promise investors mountains of gold and, on the contrary, is extremely frank with potential users - even the developers themselves advise against buying this token. Useless Ethereum Token is a provocative coin that tells everyone bluntly that it is a “useless token etherium».

The project started with an ICO, where money was collected without any promises. The creators of the coin explained the fees to what they wanted to buy, something with the proceeds, for example, a TV with a large diagonal. And, apparently, there were those investors who decided to find a use in the “useless”, and therefore 270 $ thousand was gained in the course of the tokensail. Today the cost of the Useless Ethereum Token is fixed at around one cent, and the capitalization of the coins is 44 $ thousand, despite the fact that there are only a little less than 4 million pieces in nature.  

The cryptocurrency world is very diverse. It has found a place for reliable, time-tested coins, popular means of payment, cryptocurrencies with unique technical features, and along with them, there are often useless coins with dubious future, but bright features, such freaks of cryptocurrency industry. Perhaps someone will consider such a state of affairs as chaos and anarchy, but on the whole the sphere of digital money should be like this - free, independent and in many ways revolutionary. After all, on the other hand, isn't it great that in creating coins you can express yourself and convey your ideas to the world? At the same time, it is necessary to separate really useful coins and those that were created solely for the purpose of enriching their developers - no matter how much we might admire the uniqueness of certain coins from the above list, but it’s not worth looking for an object among them for investment.  

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